” … Down in Africaaaaa”

Well, folks, it looks like my dismal track record with cell phones has followed me to Sub-Saharan Africa. My phone decided to cease all charging capabilities last week, and since then, I have been without phone. Apologies for missed messages and calls! Hoping I’ll be able to fix it soon, and I’ll update everyone once it is.

In other news, guess who came strolling through the village today? Dark clouds, Strong Wind, Thunder, and Lightning! A true Fantastic 4 of sorts. The first rain of the season; my first rainy day here in Zambia. Cue Toto, and let’s danceeeee!

I noticed the first signs of the rain amidst washing dishes outside around 15:00. As if on cue, as I laid my last tupperware container on my outdoor dish rack, in came the thunder and lightning. My cat, Porkchop, accompanied me back into the house, where I began preparations for supper. The wind picked up and the thunder and lighting seemed to inch closer and closer for the next two hours, as I boiled some eggs and cooked up some soya pieces with tomato and onion in my kinzanza (outdoor kitchen). The trickling finally came when I was enjoying my eggs and soya. My door propped open, I watched as the drops multiplied in number. Twenty minutes later, putting away my dirty dishes into a pile, I hear near-to blood-curdling screams coming from outside my hut. My heart sank because I know those screams all too well. GOATS. I rushed outside and sure enough, there were three goats in my kinzanza; two babies and their mother, who, in victory of finding shelter for her and her two children, looked me straight in the eye, and decided to start pooping. Yes, pooping. On my reed mat. I picked up my left sandal and threw it at her and they scattered, leaving me frustrated with a poopy reed mat. I retreated to my hut, and as I entered my front door, there was good on Porkchop, licking my dirty plates, only after hopping through all my hanging pots and knocking them all down, from largest to smallest, as if he were auditioning for the circus. My pots laid scattered all over my floor. Frustration growing.

The rain probably noticed my frustration, and the downpour began. I decided to give up on cleaning up, and sat down on my stool at my front door and watched and listening to the rain. What’s it like? Noisy, yet super calming. Takes me back to my childhood in San Jose, when the cousins and I would immediately rush home from our elementary school playground, only to listen to the heavy rainfall, grumbling thunder, and cracks of lightning, huddled closely together behind the comfort of big, soft, couch pillows. Makes me miss home a lot, but then again not many people can say they’ve fallen asleep to lullabies of Africa rainfall. Thinking I’ll be sleeping well tonight.


4 thoughts on “” … Down in Africaaaaa”

  1. Jack Ying says:

    I’m glad you’re doing well out there for yourself Mike! As I was reading your blog, I can envision everything happening (especially the goat poop) hahaha miss you! 💛


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