Meet My Cat, Porkchop

Inherited from previous volunteer, Amy, who inherited him from our Provincial House, meet Porkchop, the fattest cat you’ll find this side of Zambia!



He kills rats, spiders, and lizards in the hut for me, and in turn, I feed him every morning and provide him with a warm place to come home to every night after his hunting expeditions. Fair trade, for sure.


When he’s not stuffing his face, Porkchop enjoys soaking up the sun on my doormat, flopping around in the dirt, and prancing around in the tall grass. Oh, and he seems to also enjoy licking his genitals when he thinks no one is watching.


Want to hear a funny story? Just the other day, as I was preparing to fry some cassava, Porkchop decided it would be a good idea to slurp up an entire cup of cooking oil as I left the hut to tend to the fire. A couple of hours later, as I was reading Murakami underneath my mango tree, I hear behind me a copious amount of cat cries. I turn around to find my cat squatting in pain, as he squirted out a ridiculous amount of liquid from his butthole. Poor guy had no idea what was happening to him as he looked at me in pain. He covered up his regret with dirt and found comfort in a bed of grass in the sun as he continued to whine. I don’t think he’s going to touch oil anytime soon.


Silly kitty.

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