Yamakwakwa Women’s Club


Meet the women of Yamakwakwa’s Women’s Club! Twice a month on the first and last Fridays, I travel 10km into the bush and find myself in the company of these amazing women. Our sessions begin at 9:00 and usually end around 14:00. All mothers, these women have prioritized this learning space for them to continue attaining skills to not only improve their health , but the health of their family, as well.

Our sessions usually begin with an opening prayer, followed by some English lessons. Some days, I focus on grammar, other days, vocabulary, but nonetheless, we all enjoy each other’s company as the learning continues. Simultaneously, these women teach me Kikaonde (one of the local languages) and give me an opportunity to work on my language skills!

After English, I teach a health session, usually a nutrition talk that follows a cooking demonstration. This is an opportunity for the women to learn the value of preparing a balanced meal, but also, I get to share a little bit of America with them! I pick American favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and so on to share with them. I bring ingredients with me, and while they prepare a Zambian meal for me, I prepare an American meal for them!

We end our sessions with lunch, where America meets Zambia in a cross-cultural explosion of food fit for the queens that they are.

#peacecorps #zambia


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