Namusanchila Youth Network


Meet the Namusanchila Youth Network! This group of young men and women wanted to extend their learning beyond the classroom, so together, we met for the first time today, and created the Namusanchila Youth Network! “Namusanchila” means “I thank you” in Kikaonde, one of the many local languages here in our catchment area.

Members of Namusanchila Youth Network are all youth, ages 15-25, who all reside within Kajilakwenda Village in the Kamabuta zone of our catchment area. They’ve voiced collective interest in acquiring entrepreneurial skills to become future businessmen and businesswomen of Zambia. “I believe these skills will help me with my future. I want to learn how to be a business owner so I can help my family,” chimed in Slyvester, who was elected today as the Network’s Secretary.

Looking forward, all members will teach and learn from one another, as well as professionals from the community. The Namusanchila Youth Network is invested in learning about various income-generating activities and learning English. And after learning and acquiring these skills, helping their community is of utmost importance to the them.

Sylvester continued, “After I become successful, I want to be able to give back to those who have helped me. It is important to be thankful always.”

#peacecorps #zambia


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