The Unheard, Josh Swiller

A compiled list of books I’ve read while serving in Zambia can be viewed here.

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Book: The Unheard, Josh Swiller

Finished: 03/09/16

Review: Great memoir. Super relevant. One thing’s for sure: things haven’t changed much since the 90’s when it comes to serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia.


“Africa: this strange, wounded animal. Africa: where it was so easy to reimagine yourself. Africa: where death—and laughter—is never far. The Mununga villagers buried children like dogs bury bones, but when you got past that you saw that they laughed more and worried less than any group of people you’d ever hope to meet.” (p.128)

“Sometimes, even when you don’t expect it, you just shake stuff off and move on.” (p.162)

“… I wondered what part of ourselves is formed from our communication with others and what part is untouched by it. And where could one find the untouched part? Because it seemed like the untouched part might be able to make sense of the ways things played out, while the touched part was completely at their mercy.” (p.216)

“It struck me that maybe this was what I had come to Africa to learn: not to save lives, not to exchange cultures, not to understand deafness or escape deafness or embrace deafness—just to be grateful for each moment.” (p.251)


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