Day #470

Finally, a day off. The first rain of the season came and went last night and made watering my pigeon pea trees a whole lot easier this morning. I spent the day cleaning up my hut and organizing paperwork as James as Gabriel helped with washing dishes. These two boys are so helpful around the house. Almost every day, after I make breakfast for them, the boys help me with morning chores around the house in exchange for kwacha that goes directly into a savings jar devoted to new shoes for school. The boys currently go to school barefooted. We’ve grown really close to each other; if this is what it feels like to be a father one day, I can’t wait to be one in the future. I know I’m going to be a crying mess when I have to say goodbye to them. In other news, the heat is starting to become unbearable, increasing the number of cold, mid-day bucket baths. On the bright side, this will be my last hot season in country. In the world of Pokemon Go, I caught a Kabuto from lighting an incense, but I’ve run out of things to do – no eggs, no incense, no pokeballs. Sad.


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