Day #472

What a day. Although waiting 3 hours for people to arrive at the Kifuwe NHC Meeting and skipping lunch altogether was a bit frustrating, I was very happy and satisfied with today’s outcomes. At the meeting, Kifuwe NHC members elected a new Executive Committee, along with finalizing their constitution. It looks like they’re heading in the right direction, which is great news. After the meeting, I headed straight to the clinic to begin our first PS Ishiko program, a recuperation program for malnourished children, with Lubilo NHC and IYCF members. We enrolled 4 children and their mothers into the program yesterday, and today, cooking demonstrations, health education, and active feeding began. Today’s recipe was for Eggtastic, an egg scramble with rape leaves, tomatoes, and onions served as a side relish with nshima. The NHC and IYCF members were a little unorganized and discombobulated today since it was their first crack at it without my direct involvement, but by the end of the session, everyone was clear and on the same page on how sessions should be for the next 10 days. As the mothers were feeding their children, I watched the NHC and IYCF members smiled proudly at a job well done. The children gobbled up the food, and the mothers seemed happy and grateful to be there. There was a moment in time when I took all of this in that reminded me not to sweat the little things that frustrate me, to breathe more, and to be more present, instead of always trying to look ahead or worry about what’s to come. I realized that at the end of the day, if what needed to be done gets done, then everything’s okay, everything’s fine. And if it doesn’t get done, then either there’s another day, time, way, etc. to get it done or maybe it’s God’s way of saying that something else should be done instead.


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